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About Unlawful Movers

Over the past decade, the moving and storage industry has been plagued by unlicensed, uninsured, dishonest, and illegal moving companies.
When you choose a mover, you are entrusting your personal belongings and property to strangers. Priestley & Sons has been earning and respecting this trust by helping thousands of families for over 80 years.

What you need to know

When choosing a moving company, there are several important questions to ask.
  • How long has the mover been in business? This information can be easily verified by checking with the Secretary of State. Established in 1929, Priestley & Sons is one of the oldest moving companies around.
  • # Is the mover licensed, bonded, and insured? You can check the status of the company at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admin. (FMCSA) web site. Priestley & Sons is registered under DOT #103323. and Oregon file number 142126 
  • Is the mover authorized to do business in your state? Most states require that a company be authorized to move household goods. This usually means the company is well established, and trusted. Priestley & Sons is one of the select companies, authorized to move household goods in Oregon.

For More Information

The following groups, organizations, and agencies provide information specific to illegal moving companies. Priestley & Sons strongly suggests that you review this information prior to entrusting your possessions to a mover.
This is a great resource, which includes a "black list" and invaluable lessons learned the hard way.
Business Name Search
You can search this database to find out if a company is registered to do business in the State of Oregon.
License & Insurance Search
Before you hire a mover, check to make sure they are licensed and have current insurance.