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Portland Moving Tips

Whether you’re moving two miles or 200 miles, the best thing you can do to help your move go smoothly is to properly prepare. Here's how to get started!

Only pack items you want to keep

Make your packing load lighter by getting rid of items you no longer use. Hold a garage sale or donate unwanted possessions to charity. Use or donate bulky foods like canned goods if they're crowding your pantry.

Use labeled boxes

If you're doing your own packing be sure to box and label everything before moving day. Use newspaper to pad fragile items and be sure to point out items that may need additional care during the move.

Hire a trustworthy moving company

Be wary of unlicensed moving groups. In Oregon, moving companies must be licensed by the Oregon Department of Transportation. A fully licensed and insured company like Priestley and Sons can safely take care of all your packing and moving needs.