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Arthur Lucero, Driver / Portland Mover / Packer
A Portland, Oregon native, Arthur has been working with Priestley & Sons since 2000. He's been a friend of the co-owners since grade school and has built a life around it. For him, the best part about the job is meeting great customers and their families and working with the people on his team. In his off time, Arthur spends time with his daughters and going to sporting events.
Matthew Zick, Portland Mover / Packer
The Great Grandson of Carroll Priestley, Matthew has been with the company since 2004. Its the new places and new faces that he comes across daily that keep him coming to work each morning. His most memorable times are moving 800-pound pianos down a flight of stairs. In his free time, he spends it with his daughter, friends, riding motorcycles and bike racing.
Ben Jamieson, Portland Mover / Packer
An Alaskan transplant, Ben has been moving Portland, Oregon families since 2005. He heard Priestley and Sons were the best movers in Portland. Ask him today and he'll tell you the same! Ben is a family man and enjoys camping and playing hoops in his free time.
Robert Via, Driver / Portland Mover / Packer
Robert has been here working with Priestley & Sons since 2005. After leaving Oregon for a few years, he landed back home and has been her ever since. He enjoys meeting all the new people he crosses paths with on a daily basis. When Robert isn't working you can catch him spending time with his kids, watching movies, playing paintball and gaming.
Marty Blake, Driver / Portland Mover / Packer
One of the newest members of the team, Marty began with Priestley & Sons in 2006. This Oregon native is the board game king around the company and with his family. He prides himself in working for a family-owned with business with a remarkable reputation for quality moving.
Andrew Oglevie, Driver / Portland Mover / Packer
Andrew came to Priestley and Sons in Mid 2011 and has been moving furniture for 3 years prior to coming on board. Andrew likes spending time with his son when he is not moving people in Portland.